Situated on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia, this emerging country is renowned for its tropical coastlines, magnificent royal palaces, ancient archaeological sites, and intricately adorned Buddhist temples.


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About Thailand

Situated on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia, the Kingdom of Thailand is renowned for its tropical beaches, lavish royal palaces, ancient ruins, and elaborate Buddha temples. As a developing nation, it has a population of approximately 67 million. With its nominal GDP ranking 30th in the world, Thailand is classified as a newly industrialized country, surpassing other developing nations in terms of macroeconomic growth.

Tourism plays a vital role in Thailand’s economy, attracting over 25 million visitors annually. Its pristine beaches, tropical climate, and favorable exchange rate make it an appealing destination for travelers seeking value for their money compared to other locations. The government oversees healthcare services, providing universal healthcare coverage through three programs that aim to cater to the entire population of citizens and legal residents. The private healthcare sector also thrives in Thailand, with numerous hospitals and medical facilities capitalizing on economic conditions and the weak currency to attract medical tourism.

Thailand’s performance in the medical tourism index varies across different factors. The environmental factor falls below average, ranking 27th, reflecting challenges related to external perceptions, cultural alignment, and the political environment. However, Thailand excels in affordability and attractiveness as a destination, placing it above average and ranking 6th in the industry factor. The quality of facilities and services factor also scores well above average, driven by the efforts to obtain international certifications for major facilities and maintain highly skilled medical professionals.

Overall, the Kingdom of Thailand is emerging as a thriving medical tourism destination, capitalizing on the growing demand from Asia’s population seeking cost-effective treatments within close proximity. It holds the 18th position overall among the 41 participating nations in the Medical Tourism Index. To further enhance its medical tourism business, Thailand can focus on improving its reputation as a stable and safe destination while adapting to the cultural preferences of incoming patients.





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Thailand experiences a tropical climate characterized by an average annual temperature of 82°F (28°C) and high humidity levels. The country observes three distinct seasons: the hot season spanning from March to May, the cool season from November to February, and the rainy season typically occurring from June to October.

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